The Canary Islands, together with Cape Verde, Mauritania and Senegal, are a set of regions that possess a rich natural heritage.

The influence of trade winds and their Atlantic Ocean location make this area of the planet a bastion of biodiversity, with the presence of numerous endemic species and natural areas of priceless value, whose protection and enhancement of said value are essential in order to ensure its conservation.



The cooperation space is a bastion of biodiversity comprising species of vascular plants, birds, reptiles and fungi.

+ 700  endemic vascular plant species in the different island regions

The conservation of this biodiversity is closely linked with the knowledge and enhancement of the value of these spaces and species. Learning about our surrounding environment will enable us to protect this rich biodiversity in a fully comprehensive way.


The TREEMAC project came about as part of a joint venture plan in order to protect and preserve this cooperation space. This new project aims to contribute to raising the awareness of the local population and to the improvement of public knowledge, in terms of the conservation and protection of the environment, as well as to favour the joint implementation for the improvement of management mechanisms of the distinguished natural spaces that the TREEMAC network represents.

The project’s structure is divided into three main blocks: participation/raising of awareness, conservation and research.


Timing and budget  

The project runs for three years, from December 2019 to December 2022, and has a total budget of 2,040,000.00 €