Expected Results

Awareness campaigns:

Celebration of World forest day in each of the regions,
on 21st March every year, the event’s stipulated date around the world

20 actions by volunteer groups

3.000 volunteers benefitting from the actions carried out


Creation of 6 project monitoring commissions per participating region

Organisation of 2 open days every year in each of the network’s the participating regions

Refurbishment of a total of 8 nurseries in the whole of the cooperation network


Creation and preparation of a mobile nursery in Gran Canaria that can be moved around to any of the reforestation areas



Planting of 50 species at nurseries prepared for this purpose



75 hectares restored
(reforestation, irrigation, cleaning...)

75.000 plants/trees planted


750.000 kilos of carbon fixing
(it is estimated that every tree is capable of 10 kg of carbon fixing a year)



1,950,000 litres of water infiltrated into the subsoil
(it is estimated that every tree planted infiltrates 26 litres of water into the subsoil a year)


Development of a food-producing garden forest
linked to permaculture orchard areas


Publication of the inventory of species in the protected natural spaces.

Publication of the results of ex-ante and ex-post studies.

Statistical publication of results attained following the volunteering actions carried out.