Project Objectives

Central thematic objective:

To preserve and protect the environment and to promote resource efficiency

Specific investment priority objective:

To protect and improve the conservation of natural spaces and their biodiversity


TREEMAC Project general objective

To contribute to the raising of awareness among the population and to the improvement to public knowledge in terms of the conservation and protection of the environment, by means of the creation of green infrastructures and improvements made to ecological, economic and socially sustainable forestry management.


Objective 1: The development of a common strategy for the protection of the unique
ecosystems of the cooperating territory (The Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Senegal and Mauritania).


Objective 2: Reforestation, monitoring and assessment
for the optimisation of the preservation mechanisms of natural spaces.


Objective 3: The organisation of events, talks and volunteering activities for the dissemination
and raising of awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving the environment